How to Easily Setup Anytype Offline Notes without Sync

Intro to Anytype Offline Notes without Sync

This article will cover how to use Anytype offline notes without sync to the Anytype servers.

Downloading Anytype

To download Anytype, go to the Anytype website and select “Get the app now” in the top right corner. You will have a choice of versions:

  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Android (mobile)
  • iOS (mobile)

This guide and accompanying video were created with Anytype Beta version 0.37.3 for Mac desktop.

Network Choices

Once you have selected your preferred version, on the login page, click the gear icon in the top right corner to access the preferences menu.

Anytype login page gear icon on top right corner

You will have three network choices (where your data is saved):

  • Anytype (default)
  • local-only
  • and self-hosted.
Login page preferences menu for using Anytype offline notes without sync

Select “local-only” if you want to use the app in offline mode without sync to Anytype’s servers.

Recovery Phrase and PIN Code

To create a new account, enter your username and click “next.” Your recovery phrase, which is your password, will be displayed. Make sure to save it, as there is no password reset.

To use a six-digit PIN code instead of the recovery phrase, turn on the PIN code feature in the account settings menu.

Anytype account settings - pin code

You can choose how long it takes to time out and the lowest is 1 minute.

  • It’s important to note that the PIN code can only be used after closing out of the AnyType app.
  • If you log out of the app, you’ll need to use your recovery phrase to log back in.
  • Currently, there is no PIN code option for the mobile apps, only for the desktop apps.

Setting a Default Object Type

When you first create a new object in AnyType, it is set to the default object type, which is “note”. However, you may prefer to use a different default object type, such as “page”.

To change your default object type, go to your space settings and select “default object type”. From there, you can choose your preferred default object type.

Anytype space settings - default object type

When you create a new note, the content you type becomes the title of your note and is not editable unless you change the content. This may not be ideal for some users, which is why changing the default object type to “page” may be a better option.

When you create a new page, you will be prompted to enter a separate title for your object, which is editable.